Endonoa (IPA: [ɛnd̪ɔ'nɔa]) is an island in the west part of the Iede Archipelago and north-east off the coast of Atrique. It is divided into five countries: Donerze, Enterdos, Les, Namivia and Sviet. It was first discovered in 94 CE by the explorer and navigator Enerio Enterdosi.

Etymology Edit

The name "Endonoa" comes from the merging of the first letters of three family names of the first settlers who discovered the island: Enterdosi, Donerze and Namivia.

History Edit

Geography Edit

Endonoa lies in the Western part of the Iede Archipelago which includes such islands as Resia, Ederosie, Alenia, Geria and the Alden Archipelago islands. The total land mass of the island is 1,395,285.025 square kilometres (538,723 sq mi).

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