Elpaurensī om Enterdos-urend: Drion

The Star of Escodrion

Welcome to the Escodrion Wiki

This site is dedicated to my constructed world of Escodrion.


Escodrion is the name of a Star System on the other side of the Milky Way Galaxy. It is a collection of 9 planets revolving around a central star, named Escodrion, this page is about one of the planets orbiting this star and to make things simpler it shall also be called Escodrion or Escodrion Prime, although the correct name is Valeyne. The etymology of the word Escodrion is the synthesis of Enterdese words: esko (IPA: ['ɛskɔ]) which means "star" and drion (IPA: ['d̪ɹiɔn]) which means "home", hence it means "home-star".

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