The Pillars of Heaven

The Pillars of Heaven (Lavran: Tureddin i Amanaste, IPA: [t̪ʌrʔ'əðɪn i 'amanast̪ɛ]) are two large rocks that stand at the entrance of the Lairin Strait in the Lavran Archipelago. They are a popular tourist destination because of their size and a local legend that is associated with them.

Description Edit

The Pillars of Heaven, or Tureddin i Amanaste as they are known locally, are two large windswept pillars of rock jutting out of the seabed just north of the Lavran island of Inbud. The first Kneian settlers sailed through these pillars under Captain Vair u Lar entering the Lavran Archipelago from the West hence their second name Lavrahen Vámeni, or Lavran Gates. The Pillars are a popular tourist attraction and can be viewed either from the shore or from ferries which sail from most north-western ports on the island of Inbud.

Legend Edit

In ancient Pre-Kneian Lavran mythology there was a legend regarding the Pillars' origin. The story goes that Hágxír, the Lavran god of thunder, placed the rocks there to block the entrance to the Lairin Strait from the sea monster, Orzàkh, but was thwarted in his attempts by the sea god, Orzím, who created the monster. The Pillars therefore where supposed to be part of a wall that was to protect the archipelago.

Access Edit

It is possible to reach the Pillars from Skai, Nebverdene and most other ports in the north of Inbud.

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